Whole house filtration
Enjoy Crystal Clear Water From Every Tap

At Quality Reticulation Installation, we strive to provide you with better health by offering whole house filtration at a highly competitive price. Our team of licensed experts work passionately to improve the water quality of your home so that you can use it for cooking, drinking, bathing and gardening with peace of mind. We take pride in being Australia’s leading whole house filtration specialists and ensure you get quality water that is safe for daily use and consumption.

Having an experience of over 10 years in the industry, we have earned a reputation in terms of providing high-quality water filtration systems all over Australia at a budgeted price. Our team comprises of skilled and licensed plumbers who put their best efforts to upgrade whole house filtration systems maintaining highest standard and professionalism.

Unlike other competitors, we offer 100% original products that are of top-notch quality and stand the test of time. Whether you are willing to install new filters or want to replace your existing one, we have got your requirements covered at a reasonable price. When it comes to installation of house filtration, we take into account the plumbing work, structural integrity and other factors to perform the task safely and efficiently.

3 Ways How Our Whole House Filtration System Work

When it comes to installing whole house filtration systems, we make sure to plumb it with the main water line pipe of your home in a safe manner and once the installation is done, raw water will pass through 3stages of filtration and you can enjoy crystal clean filtered water from every outlet of your home.
Here’s how it works..

Stage-1:-Sediment Pre-Filter Systems

The sediment pre-filter system minimises sand, silt, debris and sediments in the raw water content down to 1 or 5 microns. Frequent replacement of this sediment filter enhances the quality and protect the plumbing work and associated appliances from excess sediment.

Stage-2:-Water Lightening Resin

The uniquely designed water lightening resin modifies the molecular structure of harmful magnesium and calcium compounds that are responsible for limescale accumulation and prevents water from losing its richness and quality.

Stage-3:-Blend of High-Grade Carbons and Coconut Shell

We use a perfect blend of high-quality NSF certified coconut shell and activated coal-based carbons in order to achieve a wide range of contaminant filtering capability.

Easy to maintain , no power required

No power required and no moving parts. Easy to install and very low maintenance. It also protects and prolongs life of your appliances.

Removes Chlorine, dirt, Bad taste and Odour from Water

Provides affordable spring-like water at every tap in your home, removing the chlorine, taste and smell leaving healthy great tasting water.

Cost efficient System with Two levels of Filtration

These systems are designed for the budget-conscious householder, giving good general purpose filtration throughout the house.

Want to install a filtration system for your house? Join hands with us and enjoy peace of mind! Pick up your phone and ask for a FREE quote anytime!
Whole House Dual System Complete, 20 Inch MaxiPlus
Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house. WH2-60 is designed for mains water supplies reducing chlorine, taste & odour, chemicals and sediment in your water for the budget-conscious householder, giving good general purpose filtration. Reduces Trihalomethane (THM’s).

This system protects and prolongs life of appliances throughout your home and features long-life filter cartridges. It operates on low pressure which is important when multiple taps are used simultaneously throughout the day.

The Puretec WH Series is a logical choice for people concerned about sediments and chemicals in drinking water or when showering and will improve quality of life. The system provides spring water quality water throughout the house and is affordable for all.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to install.
  • Large capacity for carbon cartridge.
  • Removes sediment.
  • Dual stage which means longer cartridge life.
  • Excellent chlorine, taste & odour reduction.
  • Peace of mind with whole house filtration.
  • No moving parts.
  • No chemicals.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Protects and prolongs life of appliances.
  • No power required.
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